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shandong yuanzuo

Shandong Yuanzuo International Trade Co., Ltd., located in Yitang Industrial Park, Linyi City, the logistics capital of Shandong Province, is an international wood industry company integrating the research and development, production, sales, processing and trade of green building materials.


The company has been operating since 1999. From the wood processing plant gradually develop and grow, with the increase of business volume, customer praise, gradually expand the scale into the supplier of domestic trading companies, because foreign customers trace back to the source slowly found us, so we set up their own foreign trade team. We are based on the factory source, the lowest price, to ensure the quality of the principle of slow development and growth, to become a leading domestic and foreign trade integration of the international wood industry Co., Ltd.

Our company's main products mainly include: density board (high density, medium density, low density), wood veneer (engineering veneer, natural veneer), melamine face veneer board, particle board, OSB board and so on.

Yuanzuo International Wood industry has an international import of professional production equipment project, that is, a full set of imported density fiberboard, particleboard, OSB board production line from Germany Siempelkamp Company, which is also the first fully imported density fiberboard, particleboard, OSB board production line in China. The effective length of continuous press is 288 meters, with an annual output of about 250,000 cubic meters of density fiberboard, particle board, OSB board, etc. Siempelkamp Company provided process design and engineering guidance for the production line within the scope of supply for this project, and provided the core equipment of the production line, including laying machine, prepress, heavy press, ContiRoll@ 9th generation continuous press, cutting and sawing equipment, automatic storage. As well as the domestic advanced production line, there is a complete set of log processing, drying, manufacturing, monitoring and insecticidal disinfection machinery and equipment; Also has a perfect quality monitoring system and professional technical personnel, can provide users with design, testing, inspection technical services.

The company has a complete range of products, low prices and excellent service. Remove layers of channels, factory direct operation, to reduce costs for customers. Relying on China's largest logistics base (Linyi City) convenient transportation, logistics four barrels of eight, products in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Canada and other countries and regions enjoy a good reputation, in the domestic market has been in short supply. The company has always been adhering to the "people-oriented, leading technology, quality win, service society" purpose, dedicated to our customers. In the spirit of sincere cooperation and mutual benefit, we will cooperate with friends all over the world and seek common development.