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A collection of various types of boards! Remember these tips and choose the right board

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A collection of various types of boards! Remember these tips and choose the right board


In the market, we often hear a variety of plate names, what MDF, ecological board, large core board, businesses each hold a word, different statements, dazzling.

Among them, some are plates that look similar but have different processes that lead to different names, and there are many "flower names" that actually refer to the same kind of plate. Here for you to sort out a list of common plate names, remember these little knowledge, choose the plate not lost!

Three major man-made boards: plywood, particleboard, density board.

1. Density board (Fiber density board)

Density fiberboard

Generalized: Starting from the concept and definition of the word "density board" alone, it can be distinguished according to raw materials and density. According to raw materials can be divided into plywood, decorative panels and particleboard, according to density can be divided into low, medium and high density grades.

Narrow sense: the density board mentioned on the market generally refers to the fiberboard, the fiber density board is the wood, branches and other objects in the water after soaking to break and press. This is classified here.

High Density Fiberboard (Hardboard) (HDF)

High density fiberboard is compatible with all the advantages of MDF.

Uses: indoor and outdoor decoration, office, high-end furniture, audio, senior car interior decoration, also can be used as computer room antistatic floor, wall panels, security doors, wall panels, partitions and other production materials. In recent years, it has replaced high-grade hardwood directly processed into composite flooring, laminate flooring, etc., which is widely used in interior decoration.

Medium density Fiberboard (MDF)

The internal structure is uniform, the density is moderate, the dimensional stability is good, the deformation is small, the physical and mechanical properties are moderate. The surface is smooth and smooth, the machining performance is good, and the thin wood or pattern of planing can be pasted on it.

Uses: Often used to make furniture, partitions and so on. It is an excellent material for furniture manufacturing and interior decoration of buildings.

The common Austrian (Australian) pine board is a medium density board.

(O) pine board

Low density fiberboard (Soft fiberboard) (LDF, SB, IB)

Soft fiber board has insulation, heat insulation, sound absorption and other properties.

Uses: Buildings, such as the wall panels and ceilings of broadcast studios and theaters.

Soft fiberboard

2. Particleboard (particle board)

Oriented particle board (OSB board, OSB board)

Oriented strand board

Ou Song board is the world's most rapidly developing board, is a joinery board, plywood upgrade products. Low formaldehyde release, strong and durable, and lighter than furniture made of MDF, solid wood pellet board, melamine board.

Application: Widely used in construction, decoration, furniture, packaging and other fields.

There is also a board called LSB board, lightweight high-strength directional particleboard, which is an upgraded version of OSB board and can be directly veneered.

Non-oriented particle board (solid wood pellet board)

Solid wood pellet board

Strong decorative performance, warping degree is not easy to deformation, nail holding force is strong, good processing performance, most of the domestic panel furniture industry use solid wood pellet board.

3. Plywood

Ecological board

Also known as melamine board, paint-free board, antibacterial board, clean board, etc. The ecological board uses a variety of plates, which belongs to a kind of veneer in the production process.

In a broad sense: the ecological board is a decorative board made of particleboard, density fiberboard, plywood, joinery board and other boards as the base material, and the paper with different colors or textures is hot pressed on its surface after treatment. The name of the ecological board is too general, and many boards that achieve ecological environmental protection can also be called ecological boards.

Narrow sense: The ecological board mentioned on the market generally refers to melamine board (melamine impregnated film paper veneer wood-based board).

Multilayer solid board

4. Solid wood

Solid wood is a wood board made of complete wood (logs). Solid wood is generally classified according to the substance of the plate (log material), and there is no uniform standard specification. Due to the high cost of solid wood panels and high construction process requirements, they are not used much in decoration.